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Wrought Iron Fencing vs. Aluminum Fencing

Aug. 24, 2021

Wrought Iron Fencing vs. Aluminum Fencing

A new fence can be exactly what your yard needs to complete its appearance or protect your property. However, despite the increasing popularity of wood and vinyl, many people still like the traditional look of old iron fences. Wrought iron is still the most popular because of its excellent durability, but its low cost makes aluminum also an attractive choice.

If you don't know what material you need for your next fence, learn more about wrought iron and aluminum fences in the following categories.


If you are looking for the most affordable option, aluminum fences may be a better choice.


Neither wrought iron nor aluminum fences require as much maintenance as other materials. Unlike wood, it has no risk of rot or insect damage, and plants will not stain iron or aluminum.

However, if the external powder coating is scratched, the wrought iron tends to rust. Aluminum will not rust even if it is scratched.

Aluminum Fencing


However, when it comes to durability, wrought iron definitely has the texture of aluminum. Wrought iron is much stronger than aluminum, which reduces damage. Although the aluminum fence will not rust, scratches and dents will make it lose its beauty. The durability of wrought iron also means that you may need to pay fewer repairs than aluminum fences.

Also, due to its durability, wrought iron is more durable than aluminum. Therefore, although the initial investment may exceed the aluminum installation, you may save money in the long run, especially if you keep it well maintained.


Both wrought iron fences and aluminum fences have a unique beauty that other materials cannot capture, but many people believe that they can only be used in historic-style houses. Although the beautiful arcs and curves of traditional wrought iron or aluminum fences can be ideal for Colonial, Victorian, and other traditional-style houses, these materials can also be used in other types of houses.

For example, if you have a more modern style home, but you want to be wrought iron or aluminum, avoid the traditional arc and curve style and stick to clean straight lines.


Decorative wrought iron and aluminum fences are very safe. They are usually too high to climb over, and even if someone tries, the top of the fence is often sharp. These safety measures can prevent intruders from entering your yard and also prevent children from entering your yard. However, small animals can easily pass through the fence, which makes them a poor choice for keeping puppies or other animals.

Both wrought iron and aluminum fences are difficult to break by intruders and enter your yard. For an old wooden fence, the intruder can simply kick down a part of the fence, but for iron or aluminum, they need a loud metal cutter.

In addition, you can easily spot someone trying to climb over the fence because of the gap between the iron or aluminum posts. Similarly, if someone tries to intrude, your neighbor can easily see them through the fence.

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