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Cast Aluminum Mailbox Post

ITEM No: Cast Aluminum Mailbox Post

We are cast aluminum mailbox manufacturers. We offer you custom cast aluminum mailbox, so we need your drawings (Don't worry, it's completely confidential.), please talk to us by sending attachments and requests via email! (enter your email on our website and we will reach out to you. Reply within 24 hours and soonest within 10 minutes.)

Project Name: mailbox made by aluminium casting

Materials: aluminum alloy A356 T-6 or special request

Specification: in all sizes as per customer's drawing

Application: home owner mailbox installation, landscape decoration

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We can manufacture any aluminum mailbox for you, including cast aluminum mailbox parts, aluminum mailbox post. You can understand our service by the following words: aluminum mailbox, cast aluminum mailbox, cast aluminum mailboxes, aluminum mailbox.

Cast Aluminum Mailbox Manufacturer

HuaYi Casting Foundry and LianJiang Metals Company are two collaborative enterprises owned and operated by same management team.

● LianJiang Metals Company designs and markets products.

● HuaYi Casting Foundry focuses on manufacturing the products.

Located in Liaoning province in northeastern China, HuaYi Casting Foundry and LianJiang Metals Company have specialized in aluminum and iron casting production since 1997. We are an OEM partnership that manufactures cast aluminum and iron parts for clients all over the world and in different industries such as street lighting, patio furniture & garden decoration company.

With over 20 years of casting work experience and expertise, we offer a full range of casting processes including:

● sand casting

● gravity casting

● die-casting

● vacuum casting

Order Confirme

We have ample capacity to provide the customer with consistent high quality casting work: smooth‍ surfacing, accurate dimensions, and strong mechanical properties.


We have no Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) limitation on orders. Therefore, you can place your order at whatever size quantity fits your specific needs.


Do aluminum mailboxes rust?

Aluminum mailboxes are both strong and durable, as well as beautiful and lightweight. If they have a powder coated finish that helps them last longer, they usually do not corrode or rust.

Which is better, plastic mailboxes or metal mailboxes?

Plastic is naturally rust resistant and relatively easy to maintain, but it is not the best choice for climates prone to extreme heat. Cast aluminum and galvanized steel are more durable options, and they both offer excellent rust resistance.

Are aluminum mailboxes magnetic?

While mailboxes are available in a variety of materials, aluminum is one of the most common. Aluminum is strong, lightweight, ductile and magnetic.

Do aluminum mailbox installations require concrete?

Concrete will provide a strong and stable foundation; however, it is not required. Once the concrete is dry, additional dirt can be distributed on top of the concrete and around the mailbox. If you want to forgo using concrete, another option is to fill the remaining depth of the hole with dirt.

How deep underground should mailbox posts go?

A 4" x 4" wooden stand or a 2" diameter standard steel or aluminum pipe.

Avoid hard and potentially dangerous supports such as heavy metal pipes, concrete posts and agricultural equipment (e.g., milk cans filled with concrete).

Bury your post to a depth of no more than 24 inches.

How do you clean a cast aluminum mailbox?

Most cast aluminum mailboxes feature a powder-coated finish or a layer of clear protective coating to keep them looking new. Allow the mailbox to air dry, and it should look as good as new in no time.

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