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Aluminum Casting Fence - Household/Commercial

ITEM No: Aluminum Casting Fence - Household/Commercial


HuaYi Casting Foundry and LianJiang Metals Co., Ltd. as a leading Chinese aluminum foundry. Can be customized according to user requirements. Its products include vintage cast aluminum patio furniture, fence casting, patio, garden, aluminum fence casting.

We offer you custom cast aluminum fences, so we need your drawings (Don't worry, it's completely confidential.), please talk to us by sending attachments and requests via email! (enter your email on our website and we will reach out to you. Reply within 24 hours and soonest within 10 minutes.)

Project Name: Aluminum fence made by one pcs aluminum fence casting

Materials: Aluminum alloy A356 T-6

Application: For park, yard, garden, private land surrounding and protection

Specification: In all sizes as per customer's drawing

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Advantages of cast aluminum fence

Cast aluminum fence has the characteristics of rust removal, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance, which meets people's needs for environmental protection, health and visual beauty. Therefore, cast aluminum fence panels have always been loved by the public, and the future trend will definitely replace cast iron fences as the main building materials.

1. Corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, safe and environmentally friendly

Cast aluminum fence has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance under natural conditions. As a protective material, it can fully meet the requirements of anti-corrosion control. Ornamental aluminum fence is more suitable for use in high-rise buildings. Long life, maintenance-free, no rust pollution, safety and stability.

2. Good plasticity, many styles and scientific structure

Aluminum fencing has good hot extrusion performance, and can be made into various shapes of hollow and solid profiles according to the best mechanical structure and appearance process requirements.

3. Light texture, high strength, keep pace with the times

The aluminum alloy structure has high strength, and the quality is only less than one-third of that of steel, which increases the overall load-bearing capacity of the building. Coupled with a good combination of performance advantages such as toughness and weldability, it is especially suitable for use in high-rise buildings.

4. Soft texture, beautiful color, showing personality

The excellent surface treatment ability, good adhesion fastness and surface texture of cast aluminum fence not only make cast aluminum products have a variety of surface treatment options, but also are stable and durable. The color and appearance of the guardrail products meet the individual and diversified needs. It is possible to adapt to different aesthetic needs.

5. Fully welded, not loose, safe and stable

The production of ornamental aluminum fence adopts full welding technology to integrate the contact points of the horizontal rod and the vertical rod, which eliminates the hidden danger of insecurity caused by the loosening of fixed connections and improves the overall impact resistance of aluminum fence panels.

6. Standardization and easy installation

According to the needs of the domestic market and engineering installation habits, a variety of aluminum fences suitable for different styles and engineering conditions have been formulated, and standardized production has been carried out. While satisfying rapid mass production, it can also provide quality services for the whole process of production, transportation and installation.

Why don't we have a lot of style pictures on our website?

The reason we don't show you many style pictures is that we can customize the style, size, height and everything else you want in order to protect the privacy of our customers' orders!

Why choose us?

Located in Liaoning province in northeastern China, HuaYi Casting Foundry and LianJiang Metals Company have specialized in aluminum and iron casting production since 1997. We are an OEM partnership that manufactures cast aluminum and iron parts for clients all over the world and in different industries such as street lighting, patio furniture & garden decoration company.

How do you make cast aluminum fencing or other products?

With more than 20 years of casting experience and expertise, we provide a full range of casting processes, including:

● Sand casting

● Gravity casting

● Die casting

● Vacuum casting

How to customize cast aluminum fence?

First of all, by contacting us, ask your questions, we will get in touch with you within 24 hours, and answer any questions for you, we usually provide various sizes according to customer drawings, so leave your email!


Is aluminum fencing sturdy?

Aluminum fencing is the best choice for a sturdy and durable protective boundary. Reinforce your property line with a sturdy aluminum fence. These fences are virtually indestructible and can be highly customized. Install a fence that looks great, provides a high level of security, and will last for generations.

How long does an aluminum fence last?

Aluminum does not rust like other metals. Unlike wood, it will not warp, rot, crack or split. In the long run, aluminum fencing has a cost advantage that other materials do not.

Is aluminum fencing expensive?

While aluminum is still relatively expensive to install compared to wood and lumber, it is a budget-friendly option compared to materials with similar durability. Wood may be cheaper, but if you're looking for a durable steel or iron fence, then aluminum is a money-saving option.

Is aluminum fencing cheaper than iron fencing?

The cost of aluminum vs. wrought iron. Aluminum and wrought iron are comparable in price. In some cases, wrought iron costs slightly less per linear foot than aluminum, but it also costs more to ship due to its weight.

Is aluminum better than vinyl?

Vinyl may be best than aluminum in terms of privacy, but it is undeniable that aluminum is stronger than vinyl in terms of strength.

While commercial and industrial design aluminum fences offer more strength than residential versions, they are also not as stylish.

Therefore, the strength and style of aluminum fencing residential trim can go hand in hand!

Are aluminum fences good for dogs?

Aluminum is the best choice of fencing material for dog lovers. It is a durable material that can withstand even the harshest of weather. Aluminum's durability also means that unlike a wooden or wire fence, your dog won't be able to get under it easily.

Can you install an aluminum fence yourself?

Wrought iron fences require regular maintenance to ensure they are protected from the elements. For a similar style and less worry, try a DIY aluminum fence.

To install our aluminum fence, you simply insert the fence rails into the punched holes in the fence posts, then secure the rails to the posts by placing the included self-tapping screws through the fence posts and drilling into the rails. Use the self-tapping screws to install the aluminum fence last. It's an affordable way to make your landscape look its best.

Why choose aluminum over other types of fencing?

The main advantages of aluminum fencing are that it is lightweight, durable and virtually maintenance-free. Unlike steel and iron, which can rust if their protective powder coating is damaged, aluminum will not corrode further when exposed.

Aluminum fence panels are also more versatile because they can be "racked" to follow the yard grade. This eliminates the "tread" look required for many fence types and provides a continuous line that follows the contours of the yard.

Aluminum is very strong as a metal, but also very light. Aluminum fences are also more durable than anything made of wood, vinyl or composite materials.

Can I install this aluminum fence myself?

Yes, you can, and about 90% of our customers can! By not paying a fence contractor, it will also help you cut the cost of your project by about half. As your home, you'll probably do better and you can spread the project out while the fence contractor wants to get your fence built and start the next job as soon as possible.

Installation requires only basic hand tools, and we can set everything up to be modular. The rails for the aluminum fence panels will be inserted into the posts, it's that simple.

How do I get a quote for my aluminum fencing project?

The quoting and ordering process is as simple as 1-2-3:.

1. Let us know what you need

We start with an email or phone conversation to find out what materials you want to use. We can start with a simple overall material, or get more detailed information by emailing or faxing us a layout plan. 

2. We create an accurate quote for you

We will take the information you provide and create an itemized quote. By skipping the website shopping cart and letting our knowledgeable sales tech team provide you with a quote, we can avoid the risk of you ordering too much or too little for your project. This method of quoting allows us to get 99.99% accuracy on all orders shipped in the last 20 years! We want to do it right the first time as much as you do!

3. Place your order

Once we have finalized all the details you need, the last thing you need to do is convert your quote into an invoice and place your order. We can negotiate a payment treaty. The time from order to shipment will depend on the style of product you choose.  

Simply click on any of the "Contact Us" buttons on the screen to send us your project information. You can also contact us directly via email at wang@ljmetals.com.

Do you offer aluminum gates to match your fences?

Of course, it is better if you have already designed the drawing and sent it to us, we can help you to produce it together!

What heights of aluminum fences do you offer?

Our customers typically choose, aluminum fence panels that are 6 feet (72 inches) wide at the time of installation, available in.

3-foot (36-inch) high fence panel heights

4 ft. (48 in.) high fence panel heights

5 ft. (60 in.) high fence panel height

6 ft (72 in) high fence panel height

Our pool style aluminum fence panels are 6 feet (72 inches) wide when installed and only 54 inches high to meet pool specifications. 

Of course, it all depends on your drawings!

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