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Do You Know The Cast Iron Fireplace?

Jan. 06, 2020

The use of fireplaces abroad has a long history, so when designing a cast iron fireplace , it is not a simple masonry stacking, just like our rural stove, a cooker built by a good craftsman , Will not run out of smoke from the furnace door! Today, the cusom cast iron fireplace supplier simply said the advantages of cast iron fireplace.

 Cast Iron Fireplace

 Cast Iron Fireplace

Modern real fire fireplaces, as the name suggests, are an extension of the development of modern science and technology. Modern scientific researchers have used modern technology and high-tech materials to improve traditional fireplaces in various aspects. High-tech modern real fire fireplace for energy. Early steel plate structure, but easy to use deformation, are now mostly cast iron fireplace core.

Use advantage

Easier installation: It is no longer limited to single buildings such as villas and TOWNHOUSE. It can also be used in general residences, apartments, hotels, and office buildings, and is not limited by the size and height of the room. Corner installation.

Easy to use: Simple ignition. Wood-burning fireplaces can be ignited with only one match; gas fireplaces all use electronic switch technology, and they can freely adjust the size of the flame, set the temperature, and switch on and off according to indoor temperature and personal preferences.

Safe and clean: Adopting closed combustion chamber and natural balanced flue technology, all exhaust gas and respirable particles are discharged to the outside, protecting the health and safety of the family Top-level aluminized steel, high temperature resistant microcrystalline explosion-proof ceramic glass, and triple gas safety control valve ensure that there are no hidden safety hazards.

Economic and comfortable: It adopts natural gas, logs or special environmental-friendly charcoal as the heat source, with high thermal efficiency, running cost is much lower than other heating products, and is economical and practical. Through convection and heat radiation heating, the heating is uniform, and the heating method is natural and comfortable.

Elegant and elegant: The cast iron fireplace desgine is calm and generous, with large glass see-through fire windows, beautiful and elegant, which perfectly integrates European and American centuries-old fireplace culture with modern home design concepts, and brings out practicality, taste and romance. With decorative landscape effects that other heating equipment cannot replace.

Complete service: The after-sales service of modern real fire fireplaces is not to be underestimated, at least it has no worries to use.

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