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Features Of Aluminum Fence

Jan. 13, 2020

The contradiction between the rising living standards and the relatively backward material conditions has become much compromised due to the emergence of some things. For example, the emergence of the steam engine in the first industrial revolution completely changed the handicraft industry at that time, making great progress in social development, and the emergence of the second power added wings to the development of society.

Features Of Aluminum Fence

Aluminum Fence Casting

Of course, the great success brought by each change is inseparable from the obscure workers. Seeing some trivial things in daily life can lead to some thought-provoking principles. For example, the basic building materials of common fences in our lives, from the former iron material to the current zinc steel fence, plastic steel, aluminum alloy and other materials.

These materials can be divided into homes and units according to different uses. Generally, iron or aluminum alloy materials are used for highways and streets. Plastic and zinc steel are more commonly used. But each of these materials has its own characteristics. If it is a villa area, it is recommended to use aluminum alloy. The iron of the unit is mostly iron, but iron is easy to rust, which causes a lot of criticism. Zinc steel has also become popular in recent years and is also suitable for residential units. , Slow rust, low price and other characteristics make room for development. Most of the fences are customized with industrial aluminum alloy profiles, so they are also collectively called aluminum profile fences. Although the main frame of aluminum fence casting is all aluminum profiles, other materials are diverse. Contains materials, accessories, and uses. Aluminum foundry part manufacturer share with you:

1. Aluminum partition fence for office area

This type of cast aluminum fence is mainly used for partition, partition is used to divide the area. Aluminum alloy profiles are used for partitions, and the middle part is generally made of acrylic or PV panels and plexiglass, etc., and will not be mesh. The use of aluminum profile fences as partitions makes the area neat and the functions of the areas are also classified.

2. Equipment protection aluminum profile fence

After the rise of the automation industry, more and more equipment has entered the factory area. If these equipments do not have protective fences, they can easily be accidentally injured by forklifts or accidentally. Therefore, aluminum profile fences are essential. In the protective fence used here, the middle part of the aluminum profile frame only needs to use a mesh grid. Spraying bright color paint can play a warning role.

3. Fences in specific areas

There are many specific jobs that cannot be opened to the outside world and are not suitable for crowd watching. Arc-proof panels can be used to make aluminum fences.

The accessories of industrial aluminum profile fences are also various, among which bolts and nuts, as well as corner pieces, seals, and moldings are more likely to be used. Our company not only customizes a variety of protective fences, but also provides a variety of aluminum profile accessories.

Factory equipment protective fence is a type of fence made of industrial aluminum profile as the main frame structure, with barbed wire, PC board, acrylic board and other plates, connected by aluminum profile fasteners. This equipment protection fence is generally built on the periphery of production equipment and is used in conjunction with alarm and endpoint equipment. The function is to divide the workshop area, prevent direct contact between the operator and the equipment, and play a role of safety warning!

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