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How To Correctly Identify The Pros And Cons Of Cast Aluminum Doors(2)

Dec. 14, 2020

How To Correctly Identify The Pros And Cons Of Cast Aluminum Doors(2)

And main hardware accessories such as door hinges and sealing strips. The main hardware accessories of cast aluminum gates are hinges, locks, and sealing strips. Except for the locks that can be selected by the customer, the other two are made by the manufacturer. Due to the heavyweight of the cast aluminum door, the quality of the hinges directly affects the function and service life of the door. The sealing strip plays a vital role in the sound insulation, heat preservation, and safety of the door. The best sealing strip is EPDM (EPDM) which is the same material as that used in automobiles. This sealing strip is soft, delicate, Good elasticity, no cracks, long service life. If the sealing strip is relatively rough, rough, and feels bad, it is easy to deform, poor elasticity, and cracks, which greatly affects its sealing and safety.

The second trick: touch

Touch the finish of the facade and the hardness of the paint. Touching is more direct than looking at the paint on the surface of the cast aluminum door. Whether it is flat and smooth, whether there are particles, you can feel it. We can also use our fingernails to lightly scratch the surface to test its finish and hardness. The paint hardness of good quality doors is standard, generally not less than 2H. There is no problem with fingernails or other blunt instruments.

Cast Aluminum Door

The flatness of the surface junction of the second touch door. The junction of the door frame of the good door is traceless, very flat and smooth, without unevenness, and the edge of the door leaf is neat and flawless.

Touch the screws on the side of the door leaf and the side of the lock. The screw should be made of stainless steel, preferably an inner hexagonal cap. Check whether the joint between the screw and the door leaf or lock body is smooth and whether the surface of the screw is smooth.

The flexibility and elasticity of the four-touch sealing strip. The flexibility and elasticity of the high-grade rubber EPDM sealing strip are very good. If the flexibility and elasticity of the sealing strip are not good, the heat preservation, sound insulation, wind resistance, and theft prevention of the door will be poor.

Third trick: listen

First, listen to the door opening and closing. When a good quality door opens, no sound can be heard, and when the door is closed, only the sound of the bolt closing can be heard. If there are abnormal noises when opening the door, it means that there is a problem with the hinge. When the door is closed, there is a loud "pounding" sound, which means that the clearance fit of the door leaf and the sealing strip have problems.

The sound insulation performance of the second door. When the door is closed, listen to how much the outdoor sound is reduced. Generally, a better quality door can drop by about 30 decibels.

Three, listen to the sound of a knock on the door. Knock on the front and back of the door leaf with your hands (especially the area where the aluminum plate protrudes). If you hear an empty or false sound, it means that the door is empty in the middle of the door panel is very thin and not firmly attached. On the door bones, the door is just beautiful in appearance and frustrated. The high-quality door is made of standard materials and exquisite craftsmanship. No matter where you knock, the door will always have a solid and solemn sound, and it will never produce empty or abnormal noise.

Four, listen to whether there is a sound when the door is closed. When the door of good quality is closed and locked, there is no gap, and the hand cannot be pushed, so there is no sound when pushing and pulling. If there is a sound, it means that the door is not well matched, the gap is large or the sealing strip is not sealed.

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