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How To Correctly Identify The Pros And Cons Of Cast Aluminum Doors(1)

Dec. 10, 2020

How To Correctly Identify The Pros And Cons Of Cast Aluminum Doors

When you just bought a new house, would you like to install a high-end cast aluminum gate?

The market is so big, there are so many samples of cast aluminum doors, and the price gap is also huge. How can you buy a bunch of genuine and high-quality cast aluminum doors?

The aluminum casting gate is a new high-end entrance door in China. Its advantages such as great style, novel style, anti-theft and explosion-proof, durability, corrosion resistance, and discoloration have been recognized and favored by customers.

The recognition of customers and the development of the market have made cast aluminum door products spring up. Most of the manufacturers are transforming and upgrading, earnestly working hard to make new products, but there are also many companies and individuals who come for the "good profit" of cast aluminum doors, always doing everything possible to reduce costs in disguise. Assemble, shoddy, shoddy, and use low prices to lure customers. As a result, many fake and inferior cast aluminum door products have appeared, disrupting the market, confusing the sight of customers, and greatly harming the legitimate rights and interests of legitimate manufacturers, merchants and users.

Now, what Cast Aluminum Doors Suppliers tell you is how to identify the quality of cast aluminum doors. Avoid making the mistake of buying fake and shoddy products and regretting it. First, teach you three ways to subscribe for high-quality cast aluminum doors:

The first trick: look

Take a look at the surface paint. Don’t think that the paint is bright. Paints that often look very gorgeous are very eye-catching, but this kind of paint is often temporary and will fade soon; the paint baked at high temperature in the oven looks thick and solid. It is not glamorous and eye-catching, and this kind of paint can keep its color for more than 10 years.

Second, the surface details of the gatekeeper. Check whether each welding point and the connection point of the product is smooth and traceless; whether there are defects on the door surface; when the door is closed, whether the line left on the door is flat and the gap is large; whether the surface paint is uniform and whether there are particle bubbles. High-quality doors generally cannot find any defects, while inferior doors seem to have many problems.

 Cast Aluminum Door

The material of the main components such as cast aluminum panel and door frame steel plate. The quality of the cast aluminum plate is not related to thickness but depends on the structural composition of cast aluminum alloy. We can check the exposed aluminum plate from the keyhole to see if there are black spots or spots. If there are, it means that there are more impurities. It is definitely not a standard alloy aluminum ingot casting or recycled aluminum scrap aluminum mixed in for processing. This kind of plate itself will soon be oxidized and corroded; the material and thickness of the steel plate of the door frame can be viewed from the inside of the door frame. The national grade A security door standard stipulates that the thickness of the steel plate is 2mm. At present, the door frame and door leaf edging materials on the market include hot-dip galvanized steel, Zinc steel plate, cold-rolled plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum profile, etc., the best material is hot-dip galvanized steel plate. This kind of steel plate not only has good hardness and strength but also never rusts and has strong paint adhesion. The cold-rolled plate itself will rust; the paint adhesion of the stainless steel plate is poor; the hardness of the aluminum profile is not enough, it is easy to deform, and the corrosion resistance is poor.

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