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Fireplace Display

Dec. 04, 2020

Fireplace Display

Fireplaces often appear in European-style or American-style spaces. In general, the fireplace is slightly higher than the console table.

1.Fireplace display

1)The existence of fireplace core

There are several key points in the decoration of the fireplace: First, notice that the middle part of the fireplace is empty, so there is a fireplace core. But in modern society, the heating function of the fireplace has gradually disappeared, but it still exists in some houses.

Therefore, the current fireplace is only installed with a fireplace core with a picture, it does not really ignite the wood inside, but there is a burning picture. Some fireplaces will emit heating, some do not.

The burning picture is just a visual experience. This is a new method used in fireplaces.

2)Decorative screen

Some fireplaces also use a traditional fireplace tool, which is a low screen. The purpose of putting it in front of the fireplace is to keep out smoke. But nothing is actually burned in the current fireplace, but there is such a delicate screen to decorate or block the hollowness that the fireplace brings to people. This is the second way of furnishing.

3)Place contextual items

The third approach is to pile up some situational items. For example, pile some branches in the core of the fireplace, giving it a retro taste.

Because in the traditional sense, the fireplace is specially used to burn wood and to achieve the purpose of heating. But in modern society, most people no longer need to burn wood for heating indoors.

Therefore, in order to make the fireplace more contextual, you can put an appropriate amount of natural wood or sticks in the fireplace core.

In addition, you can also place some other scene-type accessories on the fireplace, such as candles and candlesticks. This can make the whole fireplace look fuller. This is the third way of furnishing the fireplace.

2.Detailed decoration of each part of the fireplace


Next, take a look at the countertop of the fireplace. Under normal circumstances, the material of the countertop of the fireplace is very hard, so the combination of soft and hard is often used to furnish the countertop of the fireplace. Because the height of the fireplace is higher than that of the entrance cabinet.

Therefore, it gives a more powerful sense of momentum, so some classical sculptures or some other ornaments are often placed on the countertop of the fireplace, which gives people a very atmospheric feeling and can also highlight the exquisite sense of life.

At the same time, it can be matched with floral art on the fireplace countertop. The natural form of floral art can be perfectly integrated with each fireplace of different textures; the combination of floral plants and hard sculptures can soften the overall toughness of the space.

2)Background part

Pendants can also be placed on the fireplace. For example, hanging a copper hanging mirror on the wall behind the fireplace is a representative practice. Secondly, you can also place a combination of paintings and easels, decorative paintings can increase the color impact of the space.

Of course, hanging mirrors and hanging pictures can also be placed on top of each other. Because the mirror reflects the indoor scene and light, sometimes it can make people dazzled.

At this time, you can place a small-sized decorative painting in front of the mirror, which can not only enhance the color impact but also reduce the light reflection of the mirror, giving people a visually comfortable effect.

Another kind of mirror is a built-in mirror, directly embedded on the wall, this kind of mirror does not need to be matched with more ornaments.


3)Wall lamp part

The last part is the wall lamps on the left and right above the fireplace. In many cases, two symmetrical wall lamps are installed on the wall above the fireplace. This part mainly pays attention to the relationship between the height of the floor and the height of the lamp.

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