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How To Backfill a Cast Iron Fireplace

Jun. 12, 2021

Backfilling is the process of filling the (empty) room behind the fireplace with cement and vermiculite. The purpose of backfilling is to prevent the heat generated from the fireplace from heating the back room (which is of no value to the owner), on the contrary, we can push most of the heat forward.

Backfilling is an important step for cast iron fireplace fittings. Incorrect backfilling can damage the cast iron back.

Be very careful when trying to backfill a cast iron fireplace: the filling should be strong enough not to break, but not too strong to avoid damaging the back of the cast iron.

Generally, an insulating mixture composed of 6 parts of vermiculite and 1 part of cement is mixed. Alternatively, you can mix 4 parts broken bricks, 2 parts sand, and 1 part lime.

Put the corrugated paper, cardboard, or strawboard around the lower back half of the fireback before you try to backfill. In this way, when you light the fireplace, the cardboard or paper will burn off quickly, leaving a blank space. This is done to create an air gap between the vermiculite and cast iron.

Once done, finish the top and its sides at a slight angle, using a weaker mortar mixture. Contact us about our products.

How to fix a cast iron fireplace to the wall

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install a cast iron fireplace to the wall:

Remove the skirting board. If necessary, cut it to fit the size of the fireplace.

Remove the block covering the fireplace opening (if any)

Uncover the fireplace and rebuild it. You can make some timber formwork and fill it with a wet concrete mixture: 1 part cement, 5 parts ballast. And operation.

Install the metal insert carefully. Most cast iron fireplaces, especially smaller fireplaces, have a hole under the mantelpiece so you can easily fix the fireplace to the wall.

Fix the bracket on the back of the bracket with four fixing plates, and fix the bracket on the wall. In most cases, you will want to chisel a channel in the wall to achieve this goal. You can fill in the hole and smooth it out. Contact us about our company.

Tile the furnace after the process

Use cast iron fireplace

The controls

The heat released is caused by:

The air supply is controlled by the air regulator located on the front ash door and the air regulator located on the feed door

The rest of the air supply is controlled by opening or closing the butterfly damper installed on the top of the fireplace. This is done to control the airflow to the chimney.

Warning: It is recommended to always wear protective gloves during operation.

The temperature reached by these items during operation may cause harm to the end-user. Because these are intended to be adjusted during operation.

We are cast iron fireplace suppliers. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products.



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