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What are the main USES of aluminum castings in early China?

Jul. 09, 2019

What are the main USES of aluminum castings in early China?

China is one of the first countries in the world to discover and use aluminum Casting Foundry. As early as before the shang dynasty (16th century BC), bronze ware began to be used. Tumomover. In 1970, a fine and complete tumover tumover was unearthed in ningxiang, hunan province. It is one of the bronze wares of the shang dynasty. Tututui and bottom cast red (ge) inscription, which is one of the common inscriptions in the Yellow River basin. The zhou dynasty was the peak period of bronze ware. The smelting, casting and processing technology of bronze were quite developed. Aluminum castings were used to make tools, weapons and eating utensils, Musical Instruments and ornaments for chariots and horses. Since the founding of new China, earth-shaking changes have taken place in the face of the socialist motherland. Production and construction developed rapidly.

Aluminum Casting Gate

The annual output of iron and steel increased from hundreds of thousands of tons at the early stage of liberation to 20 million tons. This speed of development, in the history of iron and steel production in all countries in the world, is the only mechanical industry like other industries, superior social system, Aluminum Casting design has obtained rapid development. Over the past two decades since the founding of the People's Republic of China, it has initially established an industrial system with reasonable layout, and designed and manufactured various large equipment and many sophisticated products by itself. The development of industry promotes the development of material technology in China.

Broad masses of workers and scientific and technological personnel, in the party's general line enlightening to the socialist construction, the research and application of metal materials, a lot of work, the resource situation in our country, actively develop new materials of experimental study on the mass movement, successfully developed many good new metal material performance, effectively promoted the rise of the technical level of the mechanical industry. Under the guidance of the principle of closely combining with production practice, a lot of experience has been accumulated in the basic theory, processing technology and testing technology of metal materials.

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