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The reason why aluminum castings are widely used in industry

Jul. 15, 2019

The reason why aluminum castings are widely used in industry

The physical properties of aluminum Casting Foundry refer to the specific gravity, melting point, thermal expansion, magnetism, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and other physical characteristics of the metal. The chemical properties of aluminum casting mainly refer to the chemical stability of metal or alloy, i.e. oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. These properties are mostly related to alloy composition and microstructure. Specific gravity is the ratio of the weight of a body to the weight of water of the same volume.

For example, the specific gravity of steel is about 7.8 g/cm. The proportion of metal materials is directly related to the weight of parts, especially in the aerospace manufacturing industry and the design and manufacturing of missiles, space navigation, man-made satellites, etc., the weight of Aluminum Casting design is very important. In many precision machinery, some high-speed parts, also required to minimize the weight. Therefore, the physical properties of metal materials cannot be ignored in machine manufacturing.

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Some light alloys with high strength, such as al-mg alloy (specific gravity is only about 2 g/cm), titanium alloy (specific gravity is about 4.5 g/cm), etc., show their superiority in specific gravity. The melting temperature of metals and alloys is the melting point. Metals and alloys with low melting point are easier to cast and weld. In industry, fusible alloy is often used to manufacture fuses, fire safety valve and other parts, while fusible alloy is used to manufacture parts requiring high temperature resistance, which is widely used in rocket, missile, gas turbine, jet aircraft and other aspects.

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