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Pet Waste Station

ITEM No: Pet Waste Station


Pet waste station is usually used to collect pet feces in public places such as parks.

We offer you custom pet waste station, so we need your drawings (Don't worry, it's completely confidential.), please talk to us by sending attachments and requests via email! (Leave a comment via the website and we'll try to get back to you via email within ten minutes!)

Advantages of installing Pet Waste Station

Pet Waste Station is equipped with Pet Waste Station Dispenser and Pet Waste Station Receptacle, which are often used in public places where people walk their cats and dogs. The dog feces disposal station encourages pet owners to clean up the feces left by their pets by providing convenient bags and trash cans to ensure the cleanliness of public areas and eliminate unsanitary conditions. The pet garbage bag dispenser can be refilled as needed. We can custom pet waste station according to your requirements, if you have any questions, please contact us!

Product name

Pet Waste Station


steel Q235 or aluminum 


pet waste collection 

Application scenarios of pet garbage station

Pet dumping stations are often used in parks, rest stations, apartment buildings, veterinary clinics, and training facilities where people exercise dogs.

Free-standing pet garbage stations can be placed on parking lots and other hard surfaces, and column-type pet garbage stations can be installed on lawns, near trails, and other soft ground.

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