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Do you Know Cast Aluminum Gate?

Nov. 16, 2020

The cast aluminum gate adopts modern high-tech technology, processed by various processes, and has rich shapes and styles. It is very suitable for high-end entrance doors such as villa doors and apartment doors. It will make the entire room more luxurious and spectacular, beautiful, and unique. Cast aluminum doors are suitable for surrounding cities with a humid environment. Therefore, they are loved by villa owners, business elites, and celebrities. Now they have become an excellent choice for courtyard doors of villas, high-end clubs, and superstar hotels.

1.Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Because of its high production cost and exquisite construction technology, its appearance is much higher than that of copper doors. The noble, elegant, vigorous, and atmospheric cast aluminum gate is very suitable for those high-end customer groups. Their styles are diverse, and the design is novel and beautiful, mainly for durability, explosion-proof, and corrosion-proof, which is very popular. To talk about the shortcomings of cast aluminum gates, that is, high cost and high price.

2.Purchasing Principles of Cast Aluminum Gates

To be matched

The pattern, color, and style of the selected cast aluminum door must be coordinated with the door frame cover and the style, color, and pattern of the entire interior decoration to produce a complete and unified decorative effect. Huangshi Jindun cast aluminum doors to have hundreds of patterns in the four series of Feng Shui, Wealth, Peace and Happiness, and dozens of back panel styles. There is always the one you want.

Ensure safety

Whether it is an outdoor door or an indoor door, it needs to have good sound insulation, anti-theft, and impact resistance capabilities to have a sense of safety in use. Therefore, when choosing a cast aluminum door, it must be explosion-proof, anti-theft, fireproof, and soundproof. main feature.


The durability of a high-end cast aluminum gate is also very important. The high-quality cast aluminum door panel adopts international standard aluminum ingots, is shot blasted and anti-oxidized, and then is sprayed with pure polyester. After curing at 200 degrees, it has super strength Its adhesion, impact resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, and yellowing resistance can guarantee ten years of unchanged shape, no oxidation, no fading.

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3. Installation Method of Cast Aluminum Gate

 When the contract is signed, it is necessary to pre-determine the position of the embedded iron and recheck the hole size to ensure the smooth installation of the door body during installation.

 Installation preparations include personnel tools. Required tools: level, electric hammer, socket wrench, No. 5 and No. 6 inner 6-point wrenches, hammer, screwdriver, etc.

 Determine where to install custom hinges according to the size of the gate and whether there is a door frame. For the gate frame entry hole, use a spirit level to adjust the door frame horizontally and vertically and then fix it. Pay attention to the upper and lower gears and left and right hinges, and don't make mistakes.

 After all the preparations are done, hung the door leaf on the hinge by human or mechanical arm according to the weight of the door leaf. Before hanging the door leaf, determine whether the door leaf opens outward or inward.

 After the door leaf is hung on the hinge, debug it to ensure its normal operation.

 Install locks.

 When the final installation is completed, the installation technician will do the final commissioning operation.

4. Precautions

1)Product Material

 The quality of the material determines the quality of the product. The main material of the cast aluminum door is cast aluminum plate and gate structure steel plate, depending on whether the cast aluminum plate is standard aluminum ingot casting, what kind of steel material is used for the frame of the door frame and door leaf or a customized aluminum profile.

2)Manufacturing Process

 The most critical part of the process of cast aluminum door is the treatment of the door surface. The aluminum doors are treated with standard processes such as shot blasting, plastic spraying, painting, over-glazing, and UV resistance to ensure super resistance to oxidation, corrosion, impact, fading, weather resistance, and yellowing resistance.

3)Hardware Accessories

 The cast aluminum door is easy to sag due to its heavyweight, and the quality of the hinge plays a decisive role.

4)Use function

 The door must not only be strong and beautiful, but also convenient to use.

5)Anti-Theft Performance

 The anti-theft performance of anti-theft doors focuses on anti-vandalistic door locks and door prying.

6)Service System

The quality of product service is not only a question of extended sales but more importantly, a question of integrity and responsibility to customers.

 Cast aluminum gate design is the crystallization of Chinese and Western cultures, and combines electric, intelligent, and induction into one, combined with electrostatic powder spraying machine fluorocarbon coating, which is resistant to oxidation and corrosion, and can be long-lasting color and rust in coastal areas.

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