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Quality Analysis Of Iron Casting

Mar. 30, 2019

Iron castings such as Furniture Casting Part for industrial development of China's major industry development is very rapid in recent years, mainly for castings porous structure, the ash in the process of origin are the corresponding technical requirements, castings with the requirements of the production process parameters mainly, hot metal melting temperature of main must control the best temperature is between 1500 ~ 1550 ℃, 1530 ℃, so we can ensure that the molten iron of high purity, thus removing the hereditary of graphite iron cast. According to the general casting wall thickness to determine the automobile castings, for example, according to the shape of the casting wall thickness is different, generally in the range of 1400 ~ 1440 ℃. Iron casting should guarantee in the inoculation process, make the inoculant quickly dissolved in molten iron, and exist in the microcosmic concentration difference, guarantee in the subsequent cooling solidification crystallization of enough in the process of crystallization core, general processing should be controlled at about 14500 ℃ is preferred.

                                               Furniture Casting Part

The coating of  iron castings such as Garden Decoration Iron Casting requires that due to the heavy weight of castings, large wall thickness, heat concentration, and long time of liquid iron, the surface of  iron castings is easy to oxidize and produce permeable sticky sand, and the requirements of sand cleaning time and cleanliness are increasingly high, and the requirements of gas generation and cost are increasingly low. It is because of this situation that higher requirements are put forward for casting and coating. The general situation of castings is easy to oxidize and permeate with sand. The coating of grey castings requires that the grey castings should have heavy weight, thick wall, concentrated heat and long time of liquid connection between iron and liquid. Sand cleaning time, cleanliness and other requirements are getting higher and higher, gas output, old requirements are getting lower and lower. It is because of this situation that higher requirements are put forward for casting and coating. The coating carrier is the dispersion medium of refractory powder. Generally there are two categories: water-based and alcohol-based, which can be selected according to the actual situation of the production site and old consideration; The most effective suspension agent is multivariate compound.

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