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The difference between die casting and casting

Aug. 08, 2019

The difference between die casting and casting shared by China Furniture Cast Design manufacturer.

Casting can be divided into gravity casting and pressure casting according to the casting process of metal liquid. Gravity casting refers to the process of injecting molten metal into casting mold under the action of earth gravity, also known as casting.

The generalized gravity casting includes sand mold casting, metal mold casting, investment casting, epc casting, mud mold casting, etc. Narrow sense of gravity casting refers to the casting of metal mold. Aluminum Patio Furniture kind of Pressure casting refers to the process by which metal liquid is injected into the mold under the action of other external forces (excluding gravity). The generalized pressure casting includes pressure casting, vacuum casting, low pressure casting, centrifugal casting, etc. Narrow meaning of pressure casting refers to die casting machine metal mold pressure casting, referred to as die casting. Precision casting factory is engaged in gravity casting of sand mold and metal mold for a long time. These casting processes are currently the most commonly used in non-ferrous metal casting, but also the lowest relative price.

China Furniture Cast Design manufacturer

Aluminum Casting Gate

Die-Casting Tooling Design is die casting of metal mold on die casting machine, which is the most efficient casting process at present. Die casting machine is divided into hot room die casting machine and cold room die casting machine. Hot chamber die casting machine has high degree of automation, less material loss and higher production efficiency than cold chamber die casting machine. Due to the high melting point, the widely used aluminum alloy die castings can only be produced in cold chamber die casting machines. The main characteristics of die casting is a metal mold filling under high pressure, high speed, and forming and solidification under high pressure, the deficiency of die casting is: because the liquid metal under high pressure, high speed of mold filling process, inevitably, the clip wrapped inside the casting, the air in the cavity formed subcutaneous blowhole, so you should not heat treatment, aluminum alloy die casting zinc alloy die casting is unfavorable surface coating (but can spray paint). Otherwise, when the air holes in the casting are heated as described above, they will heat expand and cause deformation or bubbling of the casting. In addition, the mechanical machining allowance of die casting should be smaller, generally about 0.5mm, which can reduce the casting weight and cutting amount to reduce the cost, and avoid penetrating the surface dense layer to expose the subcutaneous pores, resulting in the scrap of the workpiece.

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