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How to Choose Cast Aluminum Door and Copper Door?

Mar. 03, 2020

The cast aluminum door is a modern high-tech processing technology, solid cast aluminum, the entire seat is cast, and the various villa doors and customized villa doors manufactured are novel, beautiful, elegant and luxurious.

basic concepts:

Gate foundry design is a modern high-tech processing technology, solid cast aluminum, and the entire seat is molded to produce a variety of villa doors, apartment doors, which are novel, beautiful, elegant and luxurious. The design of the product is the crystallization of Chinese and Western cultures, combined with electric, intelligent and induction, combined with the use of electrostatic powder spraying machine fluorocarbon coating, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, long-term non-fading in coastal areas, 50 years Rust. Widely used at home and abroad.

Classification of cast aluminum door:

Cast aluminum door, cast aluminum villa door, special door, four-door, extra high and extra wide door, cast aluminum home door, cast aluminum explosion-proof door.


Cast aluminum gate is mainly used in villas, luxury apartments, garden villas, real estate, super five-star hotels, residential areas, industrial plants, logistics and warehousing, and municipal engineering.


Do not use solvent, strong alkali or strong acid scrubbing. According to the following treatment methods, it should be cleaned at least every six months. Use a neutral detergent (commonly sold in the market) to infiltrate into water to make a 5% solution. Wipe the dirt on the surface of the aluminum with a soft rag and apply the solution listed above. Then wipe it with water and clean it with a soft dry cloth.

Market positioning:

This product is suitable for high-end users, such as villa groups, government agencies, etc.

Copper doors will never be replaced by cast aluminum doors. Cast aluminum doors will also not be replaced by copper doors. The applicable consumer groups are different, and the customer's consumer taste and vision are also different. From the perspective of materials, copper is a precious metal. Chinese people have used copper for thousands of years, and it has more culture and depth than aluminum. In terms of anti-theft performance, copper doors and cast aluminum doors can meet your needs. From the decorative effect Looking up,

The surface color of the cast aluminum door can also be close to that of the copper door.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of aluminum casting gate and copper gate:

1. The cast aluminum door is indeed a good yard door, the cast aluminum door is heavy, and the pattern has characteristics. The cast aluminum door is solid aluminum, explosion-proof, and the process is purely manual and relatively atmospheric. The antique effect will also be very good. The cost is cheaper than that of a copper yard. The three-proof performance of the aluminum substrate is really good, but the surface paint will not be used for more than 3 years. I believe that many cast aluminum door users feel the same. This is one of the reasons why many wealthy people in villas choose copper courtyard doors;

2. The effect of cast aluminum as a home door is far from good. After the cast aluminum door is painted, the horizontal and vertical wires are not distinguished, there is no sense of layering, and it is very greasy. Uncomfortable feeling). The copper door and the cast aluminum door are installed in a row, and the judgment is made high. The retro and restrained natural and rustic vicissitudes of the copper door cannot be compared with the cast aluminum door. It is in stark contrast to the bright and greasy cast aluminum door. The insider can see at a glance whether it is a cast aluminum door or a copper door. The texture feels completely different. The color of the copper door is itself, and the color of the cast aluminum door is given by paint. This is the fundamental difference;

3. The color of the surface of the copper door is the color of the copper plate itself through chemical reaction. The surface is only light paint (the currently commonly used fluorocarbon paint and Hongming paint are divided into three kinds of matt and bright and semi-matt). Use After 5 years, the copper door will become darker, but it will not change. After 20, the copper door still does not change color and so on.

Cast Aluminum Gate

Cast Aluminum Gate

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