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Cast Iron Fireplaces VS. Sheet Metal Fireplaces

Sep. 01, 2021

Cast Iron Fireplaces

Cast Iron Fireplace

Do you want to put a fireplace in your home but don't know whether to choose a cast iron fireplace or a steel plate fireplace? With a large number of cast iron fireplaces and steel fireplaces on the market, many people don't know how to choose. As a cast iron fireplace manufacturer, we will tell you the difference to help you better choose the right fireplace for your home.

The production process is different

Cast iron fireplaces are made of cast iron parts assembled by bolts and nuts. Each cast iron part is cast through the process of mold opening, sand turning, iron melting, casting, demolding, and other processes. The casting process belongs to the high energy consumption, high pollution industry, with the national environmental protection policy more and more strict, steel plate fireplace instead of cast iron fireplace gradually become a trend.

Steel plate fireplace is the steel plate by large laser cutting machine cut out the required size, and then bending, stamping, grinding and other processes welded out of the main body of the fireplace, the internal supplemented with vermiculite and other refractory materials assembly completed. Steel plate fireplace processing precision, shape variety, larger size, and in the fireplace sealing and thermal efficiency have certain advantages.


Aesthetically different modeling

Because of the different production processes, so that the shape of each characteristic.

Cast iron fireplace its surface is unique coarse feeling, give people a retro and elegant texture. The cast iron process pours molten metal into the millwork, which can produce relief patterns and curved surfaces, often with decorative details.

Steel plate fireplaces are simple and stylish with a more modern feel. Steel panels are easy to make in a variety of shapes and parts, giving them an edgy and stylish look. Steel plate fireplace pursues a sense of design, its smooth and simple lines, and sharp angles are more suitable for modern decorative style, integrated with modern furniture.


Production Difficulty

A cast iron fireplace with a large number of cast iron parts is much heavier than a steel plate fireplace at the same size. And the larger the size, the more difficult it is to produce cast iron parts.


Steel and cast iron fireplaces each have their own characteristics, there is no best one, only the most suitable one. By understanding the difference between cast iron and steel plate fireplaces, you can make a choice based on the decorative style of your home and your own personal preferences. We are a cast iron fireplace manufacturer, please feel free to contact us if you need them.

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