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Special processing technology for aluminum castings has been developed

Jul. 25, 2019

Special processing technology of aluminum castings has been developed

Aluminum Casting design is widely used in non-ferrous metal die casting, casting, aluminum profile, automotive parts, machinery manufacturing, hardware, pump valve industry surface treatment. Mainly concentrated in the product surface oxide, edge surface burr, surface roughness, matte fruit, leveling and strengthening, derusting treatment. Stainless steel shot commonly known as stainless steel wire cut shot, using wire drawing, cutting, throwing round and other processes refined from the appearance of bright rustless, round like beads.

Special high-precision copper strip alien: transistor type frame with high precision copper strip, generally for phosphorus and silver alloy with high strength and high conductivity, the cross section is made up of thick and thin while edge is 1.27 mm thick, thin edge is 0.38 mm, the bandwidth of 68 mm, length is more than 200 meters, the production method three kinds, namely the chip groove rolling, milling, high speed forging shaped cross section blank, aluminum castings with high precision rolling, such as Landscape Aluminum Decoration Base, its key technology is a high precision rolling, must ensure that the thick edge elongation coefficient is equal with thin, otherwise deformed zone plate can't meet the needs of the user.

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Internal oxidation dispersion strengthening of oxygen-free copper: the electrical vacuum device requires oxygen-free copper, does not produce deformation when hydrogen gas welding at 930℃, and it is difficult to achieve by alloying method. At home and abroad, oxidation particle dispersion strengthening method is commonly used, and oxidation particle AL2O3 is commonly used.

Large area of miscellaneous section of foundry technology: to meet the cast copper pieces, especially the construction of a giant bronze statue, need large, thin wall casting copper pieces, special casting aluminum casting can reach 6 meters square, 6-10 mm, wall thickness using general sand mold casting method is very difficult, in recent years, industry widely used at home and abroad and the development of the resin sand molding, investment casting, after the metal liquid poured into the sand mold, model is ablation, for metal melting fullness, a short technological process, the casting surface is bright and clean, the characteristics of the artistic image is perfect.

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