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Why don't we see the rusted aluminum castings?

Jul. 04, 2019

Why don't we see the rusted aluminum products? Shared by Aluminum Casting design.

Iron rusts, but why don't you see rusted aluminum products?

Iron rusts easily, but why don't you see rusted aluminum products? Believe there are many such questions, many people think that aluminum profile is not easy to rust, in fact, aluminum profile than iron is easy to rust! But aluminum rusts, not like iron rusts covered with scars, is still beautiful. In fact, aluminum profile is very easy to combine with oxygen to generate aluminum rust -- 3 oxidation 2 aluminum profile, or abbreviation oxidation aluminum profile is a thin layer of dense material, only 0.00001 mm thick, it closely stick in the surface of aluminum profile, prevent aluminum profile to continue to combine with oxygen. But more aluminum products will not corrosion and rust, is the anodic oxidation process surface treatment.

Aluminum and aluminum alloy anodizing process has been widely used in industry, can be used to prevent the corrosion of products or achieve the dual purpose of protection - decoration, such as painting bottom and electroplating bottom.

1. To prevent the corrosion of aluminum products

Because the anodized film has sufficient stability in the atmosphere, the oxidation film on the surface of aluminum profile can be used as the protective layer. The aluminum profiles were anodized in chromic acid solution and the oxidation film was compact and corrosion resistant. The pore size of the oxide film obtained from sulfuric acid solution is larger than that of the former, but the film layer is thicker and has a strong adsorption capacity. If it is filled and sealed properly, its corrosion resistance is also very good.

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2. Protective decorative products

For most aluminum profiles and their alloy products requiring surface finishing, the transparent oxidation film can be obtained by chemical or electrochemical polishing and anodizing with sulfuric acid solution. This oxide film insulates metal profiles from a wide variety of organic and inorganic dyes, resulting in a wide variety of bright colors. This layer of color film is both anti-corrosion layer, and decorative layer. Under some special technological conditions, protective and decorative oxidation films with similar appearance to porcelain can be obtained.

3. As the bottom layer of painting

Due to its porosity and good adsorption capacity, anodized film can be used as the bottom layer of paint and other organic films, so that the paint film and organic film can be firmly combined with the product, thereby increasing its corrosion resistance.

4. As the substrate of electroplating

Before electroplating, the bottom layer must be applied to aluminum profiles and aluminum profile alloy products before electroplating. There are many ways to apply the bottom layer on the surface of the substrate. In addition to electroplating, zinc dipping and electroless nickel plating, anodic oxidation is also one of the important methods for aluminum profiles.

The above four points are the important factors of anodic oxidation in aluminum profile metal surface treatment industry. However, with the development of science and technology, alloy catalytic liquid technology has gradually become a "new favorite" in the industry of aluminum profile metal surface treatment. The catalytic liquid alloy has the technical characteristics of deep plating ability, dense coating, low porosity, is a standard clean production process, can be plated a variety of metal materials, iron, carbon steel, die steel, alloy steel, copper and copper alloy, aluminum and aluminum alloy, coating uniformity good adhesion, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other advantages. Alloy catalytic fluid is suitable for all kinds of metal doors and Windows aluminum alloy profiles, as long as the flow can soak to the place can be catalyzed. It simplifies the protective steps of metal surface and greatly reduces the investment cost in production equipment.

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