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Why does aluminum alloy casting turn white?

May. 09, 2019

Why does aluminum alloy casting turn white?

Sometimes you don't understand why the aluminum casting will be white, such as Garden Decoration Cast Part,what is the cause of the aluminum alloy casting white phenomenon, today the aluminum alloy casting factory _ lianjiang metal to tell you why this kind of phenomenon.

Said the aluminum casting white is the defect, we encounter this kind of products must pay attention to, do not be suppliers of one side of the blind. Below we will talk about the causes of such defects.

The reason for the whitening of aluminum alloy castings is that the positions of these whitening points can not meet the requirements of tightness, and generally appear in the thin wall. The specific reasons for this kind of problem may be that the casting did not have enough shrinkage during the crystallization process, or the liquid aluminum alloy was introduced in the wrong position at the wrong temperature and the casting speed was too fast or the solidification principle was not in line with the order, which may also lead to the above defects. There is also the aluminum alloy casting burr, or aluminum alloy casting cooling slow.

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