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Advantages Of Cast Iron Fireplace

May. 11, 2021

Advantages Of Cast Iron Fireplace

There are some advantages of a cast iron fireplace.

Easy to install: no longer limited to single buildings such as villas and townhouses. It can also be used in general residences, apartments, hotels, and office buildings, regardless of room size and height.

Easy to use: simple ignition. Wood-burning fireplaces can only be ignited with a match; gas fireplaces all use electronic switch technology, which can freely adjust the flame size, set temperature, and switch on according to the indoor temperature and personal preferences.

Safe and clean: The airtight combustion chamber and natural balance flue technology are used to discharge all exhaust gas and respirable particles to the outside to protect health and safety. The family's top aluminized steel, high temperature resistant microcrystalline explosion-proof ceramic glass, and triple gas safety control valve ensure that there are no safety hazards.

Economical and comfortable: It adopts natural gas, logs, or special environmentally-friendly charcoal are used as the heat source. The heat efficiency is high, the operating cost is much lower than other heating products, and it is economical and practical. It is heated by convection and thermal radiation, and the heating is uniform, and the heating method is natural and comfortable.

Elegant and generous: The cast iron fireplace design is calm and generous, equipped with large glass see-through windows, which is beautiful and generous. It perfectly integrates the long-standing European and American fireplace culture with modern home design concepts, and it is practical, tasteful, and romantic. It has a decorative landscape effect that other heating equipment cannot replace.

Perfect service: The after-sales service of modern real fire fireplaces is not to be underestimated, at least there are no worries about using it.

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