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How to improve the suction phenomenon during aluminum alloy casting?

May. 31, 2019

How to improve the suction phenomenon during aluminum alloy casting?

China cast aluminum post base supplier shares that aluminum alloy itself has a kind of performance, that is easy to absorb gas, the so-called jiangshan easy to change the nature, in the aluminum alloy casting process will also exist this characteristic. However, the final aluminum casting of this situation is definitely unfavorable, so we should find ways to avoid it. Let's start by thinking about how this happens.

The aluminum alloy will absorb hydrogen during the casting process, and will change with the change of temperature, that is, the higher the temperature of the aluminum alloy melt, the more hydrogen will be absorbed. When the solution of cast aluminum enters the molten metal of the casting mold, as the temperature drops, the solubility of the gas will decrease, and the excess gas will be extracted. However, some of the gas will remain in the casting, thus forming pores. When the pressure on the bubble in the liquid aluminum increases, the surface of the pore becomes smoother. However, if the opposite is true, the surface inside the hole will have a lot of wrinkles, and the appearance of the aluminum casting will be affected. In addition, the higher the hydrogen content in the molten aluminum alloy is, the more pinholes will be produced in the die casting, which will reduce the tightness and corrosion resistance of the aluminum casting, and affect the mechanical properties. Therefore, if you want to improve the situation, you must pay attention to the melting conditions provided. If you can add some coating agents, the results will be different. Combined with the refining treatment of lysol solution, the hydrogen content can be effectively controlled.

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