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How To Choose Aluminum Cast Doors?

Mar. 27, 2024

Aluminum Cast Door

Nowadays in the outdoor villa market, consumers are getting younger and younger, pursuing fashionable and personalized products. The field of cast aluminum doors is also developing more and more vigorously. However, as senior villa owners, they are concerned about the material structure and maintenance of cast aluminum doors, but few people have come to answer their questions. Today, Hua Yi Casting Foundry and LianJiang Metals Co., Ltd. will bring you some tips on cast aluminum doors.


Material of cast aluminum door

The aluminum cast door is heavy, generally, a door (1m * 2.3m) weighs about 150kg, such as no hard steel is difficult to support the whole door. At present, the door frame and door edge materials on the market are hot-dip galvanized steel, cold galvanized steel, cold-rolled sheet, stainless steel, aluminum profiles, etc. The best material is hot-dip galvanized steel (also known as SECC steel), this steel does not only have good hardness and strength, and never rust, paint adhesion is strong. Cold galvanized steel sheets and cold rolled sheets will rust by themselves. The paint adhesion of the stainless steel plate is poor. The hardness and strength of aluminum profiles are not strong enough, easy to sag and change shape. The thinnest part of the cast aluminum plate of the door surface should not be less than 8mm, and the general resistance performance will not have any problems.


The structure of the cast aluminum door

The key to its quality lies in its structural composition, from the lock hole can check the aluminum door has no black spots. If there is, it means that the purity is not enough, certainly not the standard alloy aluminum ingot processing or recycled garbage aluminum mixed into the processing up. Its own will soon oxidation and corrosion, not to mention the antioxidant and corrosion resistance.


Cast aluminum door welding

Then look at the product of each weld and the connection point is not flat and scarless. When the door is closed, the door edge stay line is not consistent, there is no gap between the door and the door frame at the combination. Surface paint is uniform, there is no sand, its three-dimensional sense and how smooth, etc., in these details can be derived from the product's good and bad.


Aluminum casting door maintenance operation method

Prohibit the use of solvents, strong alkali, or strong acid scrubbing. According to the following treatment methods, at least every six months should be cleaned once. Use neutral detergent (generally sold in the market) infiltrated into the water to make a 5% solution. Wipe the dirt on the aluminum surface with a soft rag dipped in the above solution. Then wipe with water to clean. Wipe off the water with a soft dry cloth.


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