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Detailed explanation of new technology of die casting die surface treatment

Jun. 24, 2019

Detailed explanation of new technology of die casting die surface treatment

Casting procedure

Die-Casting Tooling Design is one of the major types of die. With the rapid development of automobile and motorcycle industry in China, the die casting industry has ushered in a new period of development. At the same time, higher requirements are put forward for the comprehensive mechanical properties and life span of die casting die. It is still difficult to meet the increasing demand of service performance only by the application of new mould materials. It is necessary to apply various surface treatment technologies to the surface treatment of die casting mould in order to achieve the high efficiency, high precision and long life of die casting mould. Among all kinds of dies, the working conditions of die casting die are rather harsh. Pressure casting is to make molten metal in high pressure, high speed mold cavity and die casting molding, in the process of work and repeatedly contact with hot metal, so the requirements of die casting mold with high heat resistance fatigue, thermal conductivity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact toughness, red hardness, good demodding and so on. In recent years, new surface treatment technologies of various die casting molds have been emerging, but in general, they can be divided into the following three categories :

(1) improvement technology of traditional heat treatment process; 

 (2) surface modification technologies, including surface thermal diffusion treatment, surface phase change enhancement, edm enhancement, etc.; 

(3) coating and plating technology, including electroless plating, etc.

Aluminum Casting Gate

The traditional heat treatment process of die casting die is quenching and tempering. Due to the variety of materials that can be used as die casting molds, the same surface treatment technology and process applied to different materials will produce different effects. Shikoff recently put forward the base material pretreatment technology for mold base material and surface treatment technology, based on the traditional technology, put forward the suitable processing technology for different mold materials, so as to improve the performance of the mold and improve the life of the mold. Another development direction of heat treatment technology improvement is to combine traditional heat treatment technology with advanced surface treatment technology to improve the service life of die casting die. Such as the chemical heat treatment method of carbonitriding, combined with conventional quenching and tempering process of NQN (that is, the carbonitriding, quenching - carbonitriding) composite reinforcement, not only get high surface hardness, and the effective depth of hardening layer increase, rational distribution of carbonitriding layer hardness gradient, tempering stability and corrosion resistance, so as to make the die casting mould in good heart department performance at the same time, improve the surface quality and performance.

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