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Decorative Landscape Mailboxes: Aluminum Vs Iron

May. 24, 2024

Aluminum is often the material of choice for decorative landscape mailboxes, especially in salt-prone coastal areas such as Florida. From single residential curbside mailboxes to multi-unit mailboxes, this common material offers several key benefits.

Aluminium Decorative Landscape Mailboxes

Aluminum Decorative Landscape Mailboxes


Why not steel?

Aluminum is not the only metal used to manufacture mailboxes, it is indeed the metal of choice for many people. Steel is another common metal used for this application. It is stronger and heavier than aluminum, yet it is also prone to rusting - a problem not found in aluminum mailboxes. A further reason is that steel mailboxes are too heavy. A steel mailbox weighs approximately two and a half times as much as an aluminum mailbox of the same size. Steel mailboxes can become top-heavy on posts and slowly start to tilt.


Why choose an aluminum decorative landscape mailbox?


Aluminum mailboxes weigh less than similar-sized steel mailboxes. Due to its lighter weight, an aluminum mailbox is less likely to become top-heavy on a post and slowly start to lean.

Not easy to rust

Thanks to its rust-proof properties, a high-quality aluminum mailbox will last for decades. Aluminum contains an outer layer of aluminum oxide, which prevents rust and oxidation. For this reason, Stanford University explains, aerospace manufacturing companies use aluminum to build aircraft. Even when exposed to saltwater, aluminum mailboxes will not rust.


Easy to refurbish

Prolonged exposure to UV light can cause the surface of aluminum mailboxes to fade slightly. With aluminum mailboxes, you can simply paint them. Aluminum will easily hold paint for many years. As with most painting jobs, the secret to painting aluminum mailboxes is to apply a primer first.


Simple refurbishment

As you don't have to worry about aluminum mailboxes rusting, minimal maintenance of the finish is recommended. Most aluminum curb mailboxes have a durable powder coating. Powder coating is the longest-lasting finish option for mailboxes, but an occasional hose down can help minimize oxidation and the natural fading that can occur over time.


Therefore, if you are planning to replace your community's mailbox in the near future, you should consider choosing aluminum. Alternatively, we are an aluminium landscape decoration mailbox manufacturer, so please feel free to contact us if you need them.

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