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Processing procedures and sand cleaning methods for aluminum castings

Apr. 23, 2019

Processing procedures and sand cleaning methods for aluminum castings

Aluminum Patio Furniture Manufacturer shares that aluminum casting is a kind of pressure casting parts, is the use of pressure casting machinery die casting machine installed mold, heat into the liquid aluminum or aluminum alloy pouring into the die casting machine inlet, through the die casting machine die casting, casting mold restrictions of the shape and size of aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts, such parts are usually known as aluminum die casting.

Aluminum castings are widely used in auto parts, household goods and industrial machine parts. It has different names in different places, such as aluminum die-casting parts, die-casting aluminum parts, die-casting aluminum pieces, die-casting aluminum pieces, aluminum alloy die-casting parts.

Since aluminum casting products are formed differently, different cleaning methods are required. Soft shaft driven by rotating equipment is used to go deep into the inner hole of casting tube for yarn cleaning. It is suitable for important castings that cannot be heated by vibration.

1. Sand-blasting treatment of aluminum casting;

2. Treatment of mechanical sand cleaning;

3. Cleaning of compressed air;

4.  Aluminum casting using liquid sandblasting machine sandblasting treatment;

5. Vibration sand cleaning with picks for aluminum castings, heating and slight vibration to produce mold cores with cast-aluminum collapsible resin, and the buried copper pipe instead of sand core casting pipe can be removed by soaking in 40-50% nitric acid.

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