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About Aluminum Castings

Mar. 19, 2021

About Aluminum Castings

Aluminum casting foundry occupies an important position in today's industry and is widely used in many industries. With the continuous development of society, people's life needs are getting higher and higher, and the demand for cast aluminum technology is also increasing.

When we use aluminum casting technology, do we know the advantages of aluminum castings produced by aluminum castings?

The main advantages of aluminum castings:

Aluminum castings, not only from the use of materials but also from other aspects, have some advantages that other castings do not have, mainly:

(1) Aluminum casting design is beautiful, light in weight, and easy to transport. For cars, this is a great advantage.

(2) The density of aluminum alloy is significantly lower than that of cast iron and cast steel, but its strength and corrosion resistance is much higher. Therefore, under the same load weight, the use of aluminum castings can greatly reduce the weight of the structure.

(3) For the surface of aluminum alloy, the surface gloss is very good, and the casting performance is also very good.

Causes of aluminum casting mold formation and aluminum casting solutions:

Aluminum casting is a modern technology that takes electromagnetic pump low-pressure casting technology as its core, aluminum smelting, and molding compound purification technology and manufacturing core, and produces high-quality casting modern aluminum.

Aluminum castings will inevitably encounter some problems during use and storage.

1. The environment, temperature, and humidity of aluminum castings are suitable for mold growth.

2. The surface of aluminum castings is mixed with super-soluble materials to automatically absorb moisture in the air, forming a galvanic cell corrosion reaction, and creating an environment suitable for mold growth.

3. Due to the corrosion reaction of the galvanic battery, the alkaline composite material is precipitated on the surface of the aluminum casting. After deliquescence, the temperature and humidity are suitable, and the mold grows rapidly.

4. The surface of the aluminum casting product has grease, plant fiber, and other soil suitable for mold growth. Once the humidity and temperature are appropriate, mold will grow rapidly.

Measures to prevent intrusive pores in aluminum castings:

1. Control the source of intrusive gas in aluminum castings: strictly control the content of gas-producing substances in molding sand and core sand and wet moisture.

2. Control the permeability and compactness of the sand mold: the worse the permeability of the sand mold, the higher the density, and the greater the tendency to produce intrusive pores; the tightness of the sand mold should be minimized to ensure the strength of the sand mold. Using surface sand to thicken back sand is an effective measure to improve the permeability of sand molds.

3. Improve the exhaust ability of sand molds and sand cores: vent holes on the mold to help exhaust, keep the vent holes of the sand core unblocked, and set vents on the top of the aluminum casting; use a reasonable casting system.

4. Properly increase the pouring temperature: increasing the pouring temperature can allow enough time for the intrusion gas to be discharged; the height and speed of the pouring should be controlled during pouring to ensure the smooth flow and filling of the liquid metal.

5. Improve the melting quality of liquid metal: try to reduce the sulfur content of liquid iron to ensure the fluidity of liquid iron; prevent excessive oxidation of the liquid metal and reduce the resistance to gas emission.

About Aluminum Castings

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