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The five major defects of aluminum alloy die castings

Aug. 29, 2019

The five major defects of aluminum alloy die castings:

Cold. Crack. Shrinkage. Gas. Degassing is aluminum alloy die casting five major defects for short:

One: cold: refers to the casting surface rough rough. Cold lines. Water content, etc.

Two: crack: refers to the adhesive mold pull crack. Top crack. Mold temperature too low cold crack. Shrinkage crack.

Three: shrinkage: refers to the uneven surface of the casting sag.

Gas: means that there are air holes at the inlet of the Cast Aluminum Garden Decoration. There are air holes at the overflow slag package mouth. There are air bubbles on the surface of the casting. There are air holes inside the casting.

Five: take off: is to point to the casting surface to have a layer like purple similar thin take off we call him peel. There are thick and thin surface very small and few. Some thin off the other side and casting body we call him septum.

Remove the five major defects:

1. Understand casting process and find out the correct direction of feeding.

2. Understand the weight of the product.

3. Understand the product structure. How to use the runner. Runner is the guide runner.

4. Understand the product structure. to open the inside gate. An inlet. Two inlet. More than import. Point bead import.

As long as you understand die casting from these aspects can solve the five major defects.

Cast Aluminum Garden Decoration

Cast Aluminum Garden Decoration

At present, several major Aluminum Patio Furniture defects have been the difficulties of die casting companies.

1. How can the stomata stay at the gate?

2. What problems are caused by the pores of the slag bag mouth?

3. How the surface size bubbles of the casting come from.

4. Why it is difficult to remove casting pores.

5. Casting production separation where the main process is wrong.

6. Casting why can peel - root mold release agent is relevant.

7.6 word beginning of why aluminum will be difficult to do some, the idea of what the details.

8. The surface of zinc alloy casting is blistering after electroplating, which is the problem of material or mold (machine.

9. How to achieve the surface strength of zinc alloy casting.

10. What is the best release agent for copper castings?

Die casting technology: it is the basis of the survival of die casting company. Only good technology can reflect the company's ability.

Die casting management: it is the development direction of the die casting company, the best management of the die casting company is to achieve control (control cost, control quality, manage output well), is to let all managers, employees in accordance with the company's management system to do.

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