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What is special about the degreasing process of aluminum alloy castings?

Jun. 05, 2019

What is special about the degreasing process of aluminum alloy castings

Die-Casting Tooling Design is also a processing method, so many parts are obtained by die casting, the performance of the die casting is based on the material composition. Take the aluminum alloy casting with zinc as the main component for example, the parts can only be applied after special treatment.

As the surface of the aluminum alloy casting is a very dense surface layer, inside is the evacuation of porous structure, so in its degreasing is special, can only use alkaline degreasing agent for degreasing. In addition, we have high requirements on the decoration of products, so mechanical polishing is required before degreasing, followed by chemical degreasing and electrolytic degreasing.

Because the polishing paste that aluminium alloy die casting USES contains paraffin in polishing, for emulsive paraffin, the temperature that removes wax water wants to exceed 70 degrees to just have the effect. Generally, wax removal water can only remove wax without degreasing, and chemical degreasing should be carried out again. The chemical activity of zinc alloy is very strong, so the alkalinity of chemical degreasing liquid should not be too strong, or it will corrode the surface of casting. If in this process can be used with ultrasound, the effect will be more ideal. The degreasing process of aluminum alloy castings is very important. The above mentioned operations should be in accordance with the requirements to ensure the quality of the die casting products.

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